Hookman Casting Call

Another gap has opened in Hookman casting! Character, Sean aka “Video Boyfriend”, is a 20 year old male who is a Junior at DePaul University. Plays intramural baseball, and may be rapist of ex-girlfriend, Lexi.

NOTE: It is a small role, with the character being “onscreen”. You must be between the ages of 18-29 years old to participate!

Please contact Andrea if you are interested in inquiring more information at 2x4bash@gmail.com.

Important Scheduling Info:

First rehearsal: Tuesday, May 30th, date and time TBA

Tech: July 7th- July 13th

Performances: July 14th-August 12th (Fri & Sat performances ONLY)



Hookman in need of a Kayleigh!

Presently, 2X4 BASH is looking to fill in a gap in Hookman cast: Kayleigh!

All actors must be at least 18 years old in order to participate in 2X4 BASH, including the actor playing Kayleigh. 

More info about the show, character, and production schedule can be found on the character breakdown below:

Contact Andrea at 2x4bash if interested in the role at 2x4bash@gmail.com!

On another note, 2X4 BASH is looking good this season. Yesterday, there was a company meeting, and, there were some members that were missed, but hopefully we will all be able to meet at some point in the season!

2X4 BASH 2017 Company:

More info about ticketing posted soon!

2X4 BASH 2017 Shows

Hey folks!

More information regarding the shows and tickets will be posted soon! Stay tuned through our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr page!

If you are still interested in participating in 2X4 BASH, contact 2X4 BASH via email at 2x4bash@gmail.com!

2017 2X4 BASH Season is Here!

Welcome, everyone! We are excited to present the 7th season of 2X4 BASH: Theatre on the Edge with another round of auditions Saturday, May 6th!


About Auditions

Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 6th, from 1pm – 3pm in the the Building K Bandroom (Room K146)! Auditions materials will be provided. What auditioners need to bring is their application in addition to a headshot and résumé if they have one!

Walk-ins are accepted, but please keep in mind that people who schedule an audition get priority! Contact 2x4bash@gmail.com if you want to view character breakdowns and synopses!

Company Recruitment

2X4 BASH is always new company members in design, tech, and more! For those auditioning, there is a general requirement for those who participate in 2X4 BASH to participate in at least two areas of a production, meaning you get your hands wet and try anything and everything!

2X4 BASH provide opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in theatre arts to build themselves as people and as artists. That being said, it is important for 2X4 BASHers to involve themselves in the production with the assignments that they are interested in doing.

Departments that they can choose from include: administration, marketing and publicity, front-of-house, lights, sound, costumes, hair and makeup, projections, wardrobe, and production/directing. If you are interested, contact 2x4bash@gmail.com! People, between the ages of 18-29 years, are always welcome to participate regardless of experience.


July 7th – August 19th

Show information will be provided soon and announcements about tickets will be available for purchase in the coming month!