2x4BASH announces the 2015 BASHpass


Due to the great success in 2011 & 2012 we are continuing to offer this awesome deal!!

So you’ve got $15 bucks: you could see a movie and maybe treat a friend. Now you are now left with $2 bucks and an empty stomach. What can $2 buy? Nothing (that stick of gum in your pocket sure sounds tasty, huh?)

Here’s an idea: with your $15… get a BASHpass! Enjoy a nice meal, make a date with a friend (let them buy their pass this time) and come see a show.

What is it? BASHpass is available for only $15! It’s your ticket to see any and all 2x4BASH shows, not just once but AS MANY TIMES AS YOU’D LIKE. It’s an unlimited access pass! Passes are limited to one per person and are limited to the BASH shows (Not accepted for The Western Stage regular season.)

Who can buy it? Everyone and anyone!

Why buy it? It’s a sweet deal! How often can you see 3 shows (maybe 4 times each) for only $15 bucks? It’s like Netflix, only better.

How & where to buy it? Call :(831) 755-6816  and for purchase at the box office. The box office is located at 411 Central Ave Salinas – Hartnell College Performing Arts Building, near the TWS mainstage lobby.

Passes are available for pickup Thursday June 20

Box Office hours

 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 5:00 – 8:00pm

On performance days: Fridays & Saturdays Until 8:30pm

What’s the catch? There is none, swear, it’s $15 to see all shows!

Okay..there are a few guidelines..

– Seats are available on first come, first serve basis. The BASHpass does not ensure a seat and reservations are not available.

– BASHpasses can only be used by the person who’s name appears on the pass.  Please have your BASHpass and a photo I.D. for every performance.

– BASHpasses cannot be replaced if lost or stolen, so keep it near and dear to your heart.

Not accepted for The Western Stage regular season

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