The Company

“This is the cool table, right?”

They make up the incredible team of designers, backstage crew, shop keepers and board operators. Special thank you to the Resident Staff and Artistic Team at The Western Stage. Without them, this may not be possible. Thank you for providing guidance and being patience with us during our learning moments.

2017 Company pictured below: 

From left to right, top row: Bryan E. Torrez, Micaela David, Elizabeth Murillo, Christopher Batres, Miranda Rodriguez, Alex Gomez, Anthony Barrera, Aaron J. Gin, Ernesto Martinez, Vincent Santos, Kate Tinney, Andrew Niederbrach

From left to right, bottom row: Mark Englehorn, Andrea Felix-Cervantes, Stephanie Castro, Christian Orozco, Becky Janicula

Not pictured: Lupita Marisol Rodriguez, Salena Garza, Naomi Oppenheim, Arturo Martinez, Daisy Barajas, Zenin Pabingwit, Curtis Hines, Chelsea Palmer, Fernando Valdez, Jasmine Zepeda, Emma Satchell, Nina Capriola, Jeff McGrath, Jon Selover

Photo Courtesy of Jeff McGrath, TWS Production Manager and 2X4 BASH Producer

2013 Company video below – we’re up to no good!!


2012 Company pictured below – oh yeah we rock!!


2011 Company pictured below – an amazing team!!

From the top, left to right:
Jeff Hinderscheid, Jesse Huston, Tomas Antonio Reyes, Vincent Eclavea, Nikole Moon, Ashlee Ruiz, Paisley Diaz, Shane Russell, Sara England, Michael Stevens, Drew-Davis Wheeler, Jon Selover

Sam Baker, Samantha Petrovich, Dana Maldonado, Mason Brown, Natalie Cruz, Karolina Hepper, Christina Perez, Casey Rebecca Nunes, Nathan Liittschwager, Adeline Taylor, Michelle Ngoi, Cristal Clark, Mark Englehorn, Melissa Woodrow

Not pictured, but loved: Nina Capriola (Director, None of the Above), Wendy Wisely (Director, Oleanna), Andrew Sellen (Scenic Department Head/Uber), Adam Tantillo (Shop Foreman), Skot Davis (‘John” in Oleanna), Star Lasam (“Marcy” in Dog Sees God)

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Chin-Parker, TWS Artistic Program Director

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