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NOTE: Viewer discretion is advised as there is mature language and content in both shows. 

Information about the two shows:


Driven for attention, millennial and UConn Freshman, Lexi, finds that it may not be the best thing as serial killer, Hookman, has his eyes on her. Lexi quickly learns that her unusual and dangerous circumstances have serious consequences for herself and the people around her as Hookman takes two friends. In this relevant and surprisingly funny slasher, Lexi realizes that growing up doesn’t come so easy when living out a real life horror show.

Hookman Cast

Lexi – Becky Janicula
Jess – Michaela David
Yoonji – Andrea Felix-Cervantes
Sean – TBD*
Chloe – Chelsea Palmer
Adam – Andrew Niederbrach
Kayleigh – Larisa Palaniuk
*If you are interested in auditioning for the role, please contact! 

Really Really

Really Really  is a contemporary dark comedy that pushes the edges and embraces the hard reality of today’s Millennial Generation as they fight to make it on their own. At an elite university, when the party of the year results in the regret of a lifetime, one person will stop at nothing to salvage a future that is suddenly slipping away.
In this quick-witted and gripping comic tragedy about “Generation Me”, it’s every man and every woman for themselves.

Really Really Cast

Leigh – Elizabeth Murillo
Grace – Daisy Barajas
Haley – Zenin Pabingwit
Davis – Christopher Batres
Cooper – Arturo Martinez
Jimmy – Jonathan Perez
Johnson – Bryan E. Torrez